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Thermoplastic Compounding Technology

Polymer Type

Mega Recycling Molding Resins

Mega Recyling purchases, compounds, and sells the following lists of molding resins: regrind, fully compounded pellets, and scrap form.

Semi-crystaline materials:

  • PPS (Fortron and Ryton)
  • PPA (Amodell and HTN)
  • Acetal (homopolymer and copolymer)
  • Nylon (type-6, type-66, type 6/12, type-12, type-11)
  • PBT (unfilled, glass reinforced, and flame retardant)
  • PP (homopolymer and copolymer and glass reinforced)
  • HDPE and LDPE

Amorphous materials:

  • Polycarbonate (un-filled, glass reinforced, and flame retardant)
  • PC/ABS alloys
  • ABS
  • SAN
  • K-Resin
  • HIPS and GPPS
  • PPO (Noryl)
  • PEI (all grades of Ultem)

Elastomers Materials:

  • TPE (elastomer)
  • TPV (Santoprene)
  • TPU (urethane)

Allow Mega Recycling to produce and stock any compounded product that is right for your application!

"The difference will always be our people, our quality and consistency."

Bret Garrison - President