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(815) 230-0092

(815) 230-0092

Thermoplastic Compounding Technology

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Why choose Mega as your preferred recycler

  • Mega Plastic offers pick up of post industrial scrap for recycling based on your company needs

  • Customized Recycling Programs available

  • BINS, totes, gaylords or trailers provided for collection of your scrap plastic

  • Recycling Certificates yearly

  • Product Destruction along with Certificates of Destruction available upon request

  • Toll grinding, shredding, pelletizing

  • Facility Audits

  • Monthly/Yearly Volume Reports

About Mega Recycling

Mega Recycling and Compounding Services LLC is unique in that we purchase any regrind and scrap thermoplastic resin and convert it back into reprocessed black pellets. Mega Recycling stocks over 50 different standard grades of reprocessed black thermoplastic materials.